Sunday, 20 December 2009

I feel uncomfortable and confused and angry at some people tonight. I hope you get what you deserve to be honest.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Oh no... In a worry wart way D: Haven't been like this in a while.

Got up early today so I could get to college a few hours early to study for my maths nab at 11. What would usually take me 10 minutes - walking to my bus - took me almost 40 minutes today. There was black ice everywhere! Town was deserted, I saw like three people in the high street and it was all just rather terrifying. haha.

Anyway, going in early totally paid off, got an email not long ago from my tutor saying I passed my nab... wooo! I hope claire failed hers 'cause she was too lazy to come in and study and she looked she was in a bit of a pickle during it hahaha. Fair enough sometimes folk can't be assed to do stuff, but if it's the difference between passing higher maths and failing, I'm sure coming in at 9 wouldn't hurt. I bet I eat my words when I find out she got full marks hahahaha.

Got part of Mummy's christmas prezzie today. And Liannes. And a wee thing for Joanne. Men are so hard to buy for! Not impressed...

Not going to PJ'sssss tomorrow. If I spent money it would simply be selfish of me. So I'm not going to. And the fact it will be like -200 degrees will make me awfully crabbit 'cause I won't be drinking. Especially the walk home haha. Anyway, I can't remember the last time I DIDN'T go to PJ's so... no biggie. Hope Matty's safe... D:

Me and Matty had this brief chat on Wednesday morning about how I'd stay at his on Friday and then he'd stay at mines on Saturday haha... But he forgot all about it and didn't stay at mines on Saturday which was odd. Odd being alone on a Saturday night. Didn't like it much. I made myself a wee spongecake to amuse myself though - Oh the joys of my life!

Tomorrow I'm gonna have a long lie and a lazy day and wait on Jo to phone me to say she's at Dave's so I can go see his kitten. Eeee so excited hehehehe. :). Gonna come home with big puffy eyes 8-). Then on Wednesday seeing Jo again which will be good good good. :)

Thursday - need to kind of finish Christmas shopping but it's going to be annoying 'cause Matty's doing Christmas shopping too so can't bump into him.

Friday - Last day of college (L). I'm doing this report on 'working with young children' (Primary School Teachers). It's really difficult because in a report you're not allowed to give your opinions, it's only allowed to be facts. And honestly, there's not many facts about Primary School Teachers. My mind goes blank. And then my tutor told me to do it on the stresses that Primary School Teachers can face. Yet again - there's not many. They get stressed because young children can be difficult to keep under control. That's about it...

This whole Josh thing is beginning to annoy me. As soon as Elliot came home last night my mum asked if he had seen Josh. No. Today as soon as I got in.. "Did you seen Josh anywhere?" ....... NO! And my Dad keeps trying to phone him but Josh keeps cutting them off. Why would you chuck someone out if you're going to basically regret it after two days?

blabbed out. x

Saturday, 12 December 2009

A few quick things.

- Had an alright week at college... But still I am glad this is the last week :).

- Finally got an alright sum of money to get just tiny wee things for the family for christmas so no no no pj's for me this week.

- Excited for our 'christmas meal' (L).

- Missing Matty already.

- So excited for a lie in tomorrow... but then have to get up and study for my important maths nab on monday. Booo! Wish me luck.

- Part of Matty's christmas present came today :).

- CANNOT wait for christmas day when my mum makes carrot cake. YUMMEH. Me and mother will probs (hopefully) sit and get shteeemin with a massive carrot cake. Sounds good.

- Just thought of THE best present ever for Matty's 21st.

- My brother got kicked out of the house last night. Wonder where he is...

- Ate sooo much today.

- I'm thirsty...


Sunday, 6 December 2009

i fucking hate christmas. and hate having a boyfirend to buy for, who, last week, gave me this massive explanation how he 'loves spending loads of money on folk at christmas'. all the money he gets is from college... when i get absolutely nothing and can't get a fucking job. absolutely dreading asking my mum for money. and matty goes on saying 'aw you don't have to spend alot on me, but i want to on you'.

I DON'T WANT YOU TO, IT WILL MAKE ME FEEL SHITE, i'm not some little girl who feels loved by having money spent on her.

fuck presents, fuck christmas, fuck lucky charms, you arseholes.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Also, when your boyfriend sleeps at your house all afternoon and then moans that he's desperate to go home, its quite shit.
I feel like I need a serious break. Not even a holiday - a break. I want to go abroad. I haven't been further than Glasgow for about 4 years... geez.